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Why select InterRISK as your consulting partner?

No two organisations are alike and many require specific services to adequately manage risk. Risk takes many forms including financial, operational and reputational. Good management involves the identification and management of all risk exposures inherent in the business, so you are correctly protected should the risk become a reality.

While having an insurance program is a great start, there are increasing examples of incidents where a business has suffered from incomplete/inadequate insurance coverage. Unfortunately such awareness is not discovered until after the loss.

On top of this, insurance alone will not protect against insolvency and illegal actions. An ongoing risk management program needs to accompany your business in order to protect you, your balance sheet and the continued viability of the business.

That’s where we come in. InterRISK Consulting will provide you with an efficient way to manage risk in your business and reduce personal exposure for directors and senior managers, our experts have a broad understanding of the many insurance products available and how to best match the complexities of each to our customer’s needs.

Are your risk controls robust, efficient and independent enough to protect you and your business?

InterRISK Consulting offers a broad range of risk consulting solutions, including the project management of enterprise-wide Risk Registers.

A Risk Register is a dynamic tool that allows business to make informed decisions. Businesses are often required to assume risk to realise growth, the Risk Register provides a greater level of awareness on each risks and also clarity around whether or not the risk is within appetite. The Risk Register can be delivered to your business in excel format, or using a web-based platform. The Risk Register not only identifies all risks that are material to a business, it also provides a 360° evaluation on each risk using a common matrix so that all risks within the organisation are measured to the same metrics.


The process we employ is both logical and proven. The time frame required to develop a Risk Register is generally more a reflection of available client-side. Generally speaking, InterRISK would need between 3-5 days to complete the activities involved as project manager. Process efficiencies are delivered where the client is able to provide full access to its people in a short time frame.  

Risk register

This process will deliver the business with a complete Risk Register that comprises content from the business and executive level sign-off. The true value of the Risk Register will continue beyond the original development and should be used as part of the businesses Audit & Risk Agenda into the future. The format remains fluid so that the Risk Register continues to be dynamic and will evolve with the business as it continues to change.

Additional benefits of this process to your business will include:

  • Shareholder engagement
  • Independent validation
  • Risk awareness
  • Consistent risk measures to enterprise
  • Challenge status quo
  • SWOT analysis
  • Focus on cap-ex and behavioural improvements
  • Identification of opportunities

What can we cover?

As your total risk advisor, we won’t just stop at your general business insurance program. Our model will recommend and deliver a program that holistically covers you and all areas of your business – so you can focus on running your business.

  • Strategic risk management – company-wide risk framework, systems and development for business continuity planning, disaster recovery and evacuations
  • Insurance program design – independently tender, review and improve your insurance cover to meet your needs, regardless of your broker or provider
  • Asset protection – audits and assessments relating to equipment maintenance, driver training, security design, loss controlling and more
  • People protection – assessments and training relating to WHS, plant safety, management of dangerous goods and more


To ensure the credibility of the process, the model we employ involves collaboration across all relevant stakeholders to your business.

This is likely to include:

  •  Customers
  •  Investors
  •  Union
  •  Supply chain
  •  Media
  • Staff
  •  Government / Agency
  •  Management Group
  • Subordinates
  •  Community
  •  Board
  • Committees

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