Our Approach

Experience, Relationships and Innovation

InterRISK's unique business model is built on a foundation of highly experienced people with impressive relationships and networks, advanced information technology and an innovative transparent costing system. Our structured, measurable approach achieves real results for national and multinational organisations of all sizes.

We also have joint venture partners who are experts in the fields of workers' compensation, life insurance and employee benefits and trade credit. Our brokers draw on all of these resources to negotiate and advise you on the best possible risk and insurance solutions for your business.

Flexible and Scalable Solutions

Insurance and risk management programs evolve as your business evolves. We will work with you over time to ensure you are constantly kept up to date with changes and emerging trends in the insurance market that affect you. We will meet at agreed intervals throughout the year at your convenience to stay up to date with your business activities, and ensure every aspect of risk is continuously addressed.

We are prepared to work with a model that best suits the requirements of our Clients and guarantee that our level of remuneration will always be disclosed. Our preferred basis of remuneration is 'Fee for Service', as we strongly believe that our remuneration should not vary in proportion to your level of insurance premiums. This approach ensures we are fully focused on delivering the best possible result regardless of market conditions.