InterREACT™ is our e-commerce compliance programme that provides our clients with interactive risk identification and compliance in managing and meeting statutory and legislative requirements.

Designed around the risk management standard AS/NZS4360, InterREACT™ provides an efficient way to manage risk in a business, and reduce personal exposures for directors and senior managers. With personal accountability around risk escalating, it is absolutely vital to have a robust system of checks and controls in place. InterREACT™ makes it easy for businesses to understand, anticipate and manage potential risk exposure.


  • Flexible - modules can be created from existing corporate procedures and performance standards or customised from a “generic” set of modules.
  • Fully-interactive - line management develops and implements the solutions by accessing supporting pro-forma documentation and/or customised procedures thereby ensuring uniformity across the business.

Complementing InterREACT™, we can provide an extensive suite of risk advisory services including:

  • Insurance company underwriting and risk improvement reports
  • Liability identification and risk mitigation training
  • Business risk assessments and mapping
  • Emergency Response Plans for Cyclone, Pandemic and natural perils risks
  • Risk assessment training workshops
  • Food safety plans to HACCP standard
  • Legislation updates