InterREACTTM is our e-commerce compliance programme that provides interactive risk identification and compliance in managing and meeting statutory and legislative requirements.

We designed the platform around the risk management standard AS/NZS4360. InterREACTTM provides an efficient way to manage risk in a business, and reduce personal exposures for directors and senior managers. With personal accountability around risk escalating, it is absolutely vital to have a robust system of checks and controls in place. InterREACTTM makes it easy for businesses to understand, anticipate and manage potential risk exposure.

The  online platform is flexible and can gel with existing corporate procedures and performance standards, or customised from a generic set of modules to meet your specific needs. InterREACTTM is fully interactive, allowing management to develop and implement solutions by accessing supporting documentation and customised procedures ensuring uniformity across the business.

Complementing InterREACTTM, we can provide an extensive suite of risk advisory services including:

  • Insurance company underwriting and risk improvement reports
  • Liability identification and risk mitigation training
  • Business risk assessments and mapping
  • Emergency Response Plans for Cyclone, Pandemic and natural perils risks
  • Risk assessment training workshops
  • Food safety plans to HACCP standard
  • Legislation updates

If you think your organisation could benefit from InterREACTTM please contact one of our experts:

Bernard Cass
Managing Director, InterRISk Global
P +61 2 9346 8064
M +61 4 08 290 365
Wanda Saptawulan
Account Executive
P +61 2 9346 8038