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Customised solutions for your industry

InterRISK Group & Affinity is a unique service that provides customised insurance solutions specifically for Australian associations and industry groups. We provide the right cover for your industry group members at a better long-term cost, creating a strong incentive for members to join and remain part of your group.

Our solutions can add considerable value to your industry body, providing a reliable income stream and enhancing your group’s credibility as a provider of valuable member services.

Tailored to the needs of your industry association or group

To create our insurance products, we analyse your industry’s specific needs in partnership with your executives, board and members. We then work together to ensure the insurance products we create are exactly right for your members.

Group purchasing means lower premiums

Insurance premiums rise and fall in the cyclic insurance market, leaving individual purchasers understandably frustrated that costs can vary significantly over relatively short periods of time. In a group purchasing environment, the impact of these cycles can be greatly reduced by hand-picking products from specific insurers that cover only the risks that affect your members. Premiums in this isolated market tend to be better protected against broader market fluctuations, resulting in much lower and more consistent premiums for your industry group insurance programme.

Benefits to your members

  • Exclusive access to a range of insurance products that reflect the unique and specific needs of your industry
  • Eliminating uncertain areas of coverage and creating a more reliable method of protection
  • Easy premium payment options designed to relieve pressure on cash flow at critical times of the year
  • The ability to make significant premium savings by being part of a collective group

Benefits to your association or group

  • A powerful service that adds significant value to your membership
  • A significant incentive for members to stay with the group for the long term
  • A business partnership that will provide your industry body with a reliable and predictable income stream
  • The opportunity to provide your members with advice on the unique risks that face your industry
  • The opportunity to influence the overall pricing of insurance coverage

Industry benefits

  • Promoting the right risk management culture for your group will reduce the cost of claims and lead to more competitive premium options for members
  • The broader industry will become more resilient as more relevant insurance coverage leads to a quicker settlement of claims and less downtime



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