Electricians and Trades Industry

Are you covered?

Operating in the electrical industry is not without risk. Each day you are exposing yourself to numerous situations which may give rise to a claim. We know you don't always have the time to understand the small print on your insurance policy, so we're here to give you the confidence that you're covered for what you need, at the value you want.


What can we cover?

“Off the shelf” insurance policies don’t always cover you for what you need most. So InterRISK has developed a suite of tailored insurance products specially designed to address the needs of the trades industry. From reducing the excess on stolen tools, to protecting you while working at heights, to correctly covering the commercial use of your vehicle, we’re here to get you covered.

What we cover

  • Public liabilty
  • Motor vehicles
  • Tool stock & equipment
  • Tax audit
  • Personal accident / illness
  • Asbestos liability
  • Workers compensation
  • Property
  • Contract works
  • Plant & Machinery
  • Asbestos Liability

Case Study

What happened? A tradie had all his tools stolen from the locked box on the back of his ute. The tools were worth $20,000.

The claim: The tradie claimed for full replacement of his tools, totaling $20,000.

The result: With an InterRISK trades policy, the tradie was covered and was able to have everything replaced while only paying his excess of $100.