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InterRISK has invested more than ten years in developing and building a comprehensive, dedicated, web-based risk and compliance management system known as InterREACT™ (Risk Evaluation and Compliance Template).

Using industry experts and legal advisors, InterREACT™ is a quarterly self-audit programme, supported by independent performance reviews, and a wide range of on-line pro-forma systems and procedures designed to unify and simplify the roll out of a comprehensive and effective risk management programme.

Providing timely updates on legislative changes, InterREACT™ provides regular training on legal obligations, a solid platform of risk management from which to undertake formal Business Risk Assessments and assistance in developing a risk management culture throughout your organisation.

InterREACT™ is fully customisable enabling you to address statutory obligations, Australian Standard compliance and industry best practices. Designed around the Australian Risk Management Standards, it is simple to use yet highly effective.

InterREACT™ is now in use at more than 200 locations across 15 countries in the Asia Pacific region.