Create smart group benefits

InterRISK Life enables you to join the growing number of employers who are discovering that a properly structured group risk program helps organisations attract, reward and retain quality staff.

Group Life and Disability Insurance

Most super policies do not include enough death or total and permanent disability insurance. InterRISK Life allows your employees to choose an appropriate level of cover at a lower premium than a personal policy.

Group Salary Continuance

Many Australian employees expect ongoing support from their employers if they are unable to work for an extended period. InterRISK Life’s Group Salary Continuance insurance option ensures you have a well thought out strategy to minimise business distraction and financial obligations.

Corporate Superannuation

The introduction of the employer superannuation guarantee system has meant that many employees are now aware of the benefits of a well-structured, tailored superannuation plan. InterRISK can help you provide this. We will review your existing plan, provide advice and if necessary create a completely new plan to optimise benefits for your members.

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