Protect the people in your businesses

InterRISK Life helps you put the right insurance structures in place so your company survives the loss of a key person with minimal disruption to your business.

Key Person Insurance

InterRISK Life has the specialist knowledge to help you structure enough insurance to cover recruiting and training a replacement, buying out a key person’s share, loss of productivity and sales, and loss of goodwill and credit ratings.

Buy/Sell Cover for Business Succession

Having a clear and agreed plan in place around the ownership of your business saves your organisation from conflict if a business owner or partner dies or is permanently disabled. InterRISK Life has the expertise to help you put the right buy/sell plan in place to facilitate a smooth transition of ownership and survival of the business.

Income Protection Cover

If one of your business partners is suddenly unable to work, how long will they continue to draw a salary from the business? Income protection for each partner ensures income in this event without drawing on the business.

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